T.K. Saroja, PhD

Professor, Department of Carnatic Music

Dr. T. K. Saroja is an acclaimed Carnatic vocalist, composer, singer, and trainer. Her doctoral dissertation from Padmavati University (Tirupati) is entitled Contribution of Sangita Sahitya Kalanidhi N. Ch. Krishnamacharyulu to South Indian Music. Apart from concerts, Dr. Saroja has scored music for Dance-drama productions performed in India and in the USA and she has composed music and rendered her vocals for many devotional albums and Radio Jingles. She is currently serving as a Music Lecturer in IIIT, Hyderabad and as a visiting faculty member at the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Government of India, New Delhi, Hyderabad Branch.


Compositions of Tyagaraja, Advanced Theory-1, Ghanaraga Pancratnas, Musical Compositions-2
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