Fundamentals of Sanskrit Grammar and Introduction to Classical Literature

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Course Objectives: The main objective of this bridge program is to initiate students into Sanskrit, the ancient language of wisdom. This course covers fundamental elements of the language such as declensions of some primary  Nouns and Conjugations of  Verbs along with selections from treatises of  great poets with a view to interest the beginners and encourage them to go for the knowledge contained  in  Sanskrit.
The study of basic grammar will help the students understand and appreciate the original texts of  bhartṛhari,   kālidāsa  and  pañcatantra     
The study of declensions will enable the students understand
the changes in Noun forms in various endings and genders.
The study of combinations will help the students understand the changes he study of conjugations will help the students understand
the changes a Verb undergoes in various tenses, persons and numbers.
        a Vowel undergoes in combination with other Vowels.
Course content:
The contents of the course include the basics of grammar, namely the declensions, conjugations and combinations. Also included is the poetry and prose.
Bhartṛhari’s  Nītiśataka & Kālidāsa’s  Raghuvaṃśa  form the poetic element while Viṣṇuśarmā’s  Pañcatantram  forms the prose element.

Learning outcome: The students would have a strong foundation of Sanskrit basic grammar to learn and appreciate the beauty of the language and would benefit from its rich wisdom. It is hoped that they would be ready to take on the Certificate course with confidence.

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One Semester
This program does not require internship or externship.

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Course Tuition Fees : $900.00
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