Elva Sprattling, MBA

Director, Finance

Elva Sprattling brings to the University more than 20 years of experience in Financial Administrative Accounting, Business Strategy, and US/California Business and Labor Law Compliance. Elva has worked for different-sized budget companies between $0.5m to $800m. She has also run Payroll and Volunteer Policy Programs at a 3,000+ citizen capacity level. She started with her family business in the construction sector with wholesale hardware and tools. She managed finances in imports and exports between America, Asia, and Europe as well as complying with ISO regulations. She earned her MBA in Europe, she taught college-level business classes, and she has completed executive, and managerial financial courses in Santa Clara and Wharton of Pennsylvania University. She has done consulting for one of the BIG 4s, and she has also worked in the Criminal, Civil, and Traffic Departments for the California Superior Court. Additionally, she has worked as a Deputy Controller in Auditing the County Office of Education, and the Cabrillo College Community. Elva has had the role of Controller, Managing Revenue from Donor Advised Funds, and Foundations Grant revenue. In addition, she has also directed, managed, and negotiated contracts with the City and County of San Francisco, and the City and County of Santa Cruz, as well as direct Federal Governmental and Major Donor Grants.


Most of her Executive Financial and Managerial Philanthropic work has been working at the local NFP level supporting the UN Sustainability 2030 goals, and Youth Development Opportunities. Elva joined the University of Silicon Andhra to help with the mission of promoting the quality of education, abundant opportunities, and a multicultural environment affirming culture as a “global public good”.