Dr. Venkat N. Gudivada

Chair, Computer Science

Dr. Venkat N. Gudivada is Head of the Department in Computer Science, University of Silicon Andhra.

Dr. Gudivada’s research interests include Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Applied Machine Learning, Data Management, Information Retrieval, Question-Answering Systems, and Personalized Learning.

Dr. Gudivada received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Dr. Gudivada has over 30 years of professional experience in academia and industry, including the University of Michigan, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Ohio University, and Wall Street companies. He has published over 110 peer-reviewed research articles, which have received over 4,030 citations. In addition, Dr. Gudivada secured over $5 million in externally-sponsored research. His research sponsors include NSF, NASA, DOE, the U.S. Department of Navy, U.S. Army Research Office, among others.

Dr. Gudivada’s professional service includes leading guest editorship for three special issues of IEEE Computer (Cognitive Computing Systems and Applications, May 2019; Big Data: Management and Applications, March 2015; Content-based Image Retrieval Systems, September 1995). Another lead guest editorship includes a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Big Data on Data Quality in Big Data: Problems and Solutions. He served on program committees for numerous conferences. Dr. Gudivada also serves as a panelist for the National Science Foundation (NSF) in evaluating proposals for research funding.

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