Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty


Dr. Sarada Purna Sonty is one of the foremost thinkers and writers in the field of performing Art Traditions of India and Vedic- Vedanta studies; broad based in several humanistic, Indological disciplines, and interfaith interactions.           Sarada, a poet, scholar, Creative writer, published Author of Sanskrit , Telugu and English works, envisions repositioning ancient wisdom and knowledge.          Sarada received Doctoral degree in Telugu Literature, Second Doctoral degree in Sanskrit, Submitted D Litt Thesis-  a break through Research in Musicology , Associate degree in Child Psychology ,  Basic Training in Meditation , Sound Therapy, and Associate degree in Ophthalmic Sciences.

  • Sarada is founder and Executive Director for SAPNA a 501 c (3) not for profit organization in USA to promote Cultural Art Traditions of India ,
  • Director for Center for Telugu Studies Chicago PS Telugu University Out Reach branch established in 2000 by VC then Prof. GV Subrahmanyam ,
  • Founder , President Veda Vidya Peetham Chicago est 1997
  • Founder and managing Trustee for SRI Foundation est- 1987
  • Owner and Editor Sonty Publications est 1986
  • Owner and Chief Editor Brahmi Literary Journal est in 2000

Some of Sarada’s works received Scholars acclaim                                                 “ Nadanandam ” – Genesis, History and Evolution of Sanskrit Music Treatises           “  Thallapaka Annamacharyini Nritya Sangita Kalabhijnatha “ Research work on Annamacharya compositions                                                                                      “ Purnamidam”  Human Expression , Evolution of Fine Arts World view             “ Pratheechi Naimisham” Philosophical Musings                                                     “ Kalidasa Meghadutam” Traslation in to Telugu with Commentary                      “ Chankya Neeti Sahasri” 1000 Maxims of Chanakya in Telugu                            “ Sharannikvaanam “ “ Sharajjhari” “ Sharadyuthi” – Poetry

Sarada received “ Top Ten Living Telugu Legends of USA” award , Presidential recognition for SAPNA from Hon President of India 2019, Recognition Award by Vice President of India Hon. Dr. M Venkaih Naidu in 2020, Life Time Achievement Award by Prapancha Telugu Samakhya of India in 2020, Puraskaram for Avadhana Saraswathi Peetham , Kurthalam Lalitha Peetham in 2020,  Paul Harris Award by Rotary – 2017 , “Top 15 Women of Excellence award from US Congressman Danny K Davis-2018 ,”  First Hindu Woman  Service in Ministry Commissioner of Board Dr. Tony Prekwinkle – 2018 , International year of Women of Interfaith in 2018, Life time Achievement for cultural & Literary services by  Congressman  Danny K Davis, ,  and  Vanguri Foundation Houston, numerous awards for excellence by TANA, ATA, NATA, NATS of USA.

Sarada presented papers on Gandhian Philosophy at various National and International Seminars , and published articles. Sarada served as a Hindu Delegate to the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago, Cape Town South Africa, Trinidad, Montreal Canada conventions. Presented papers at International Congress of Vedanta.

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