Dr. Burujula R, Ph.D.

Dr .Burujula has over twenty years of academic experience in the fields of Mathematics and Computer Science. Currently, he is a professor in computer science and engineering. His driving interests include teaching, research, and developing research projects. His professional experience encompasses Assistant professor in Mathematics, Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, and Teaching/Research Assistant at Sri Krishnadevaraya University. He also worked as Software developer for some time at Satyam Computers Ltd.

Dr. Burujula is passionate about advancing the field of computer science through innovative research and impactful teaching, and constantly seeking new challenges and collaborations to push the boundaries of what is possible. Dr. Burujula strives to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for his students, where they can explore their interests and develop their skills.

Dr. Burujula research focuses on using cutting-edge techniques in natural language processing and machine learning to solve real-world problems.

Dr. Burujula received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Sri Krishnadevaraya University. He received a Master degree in Mathematics and another Master degree in computer science and engineering, both from Osmania University.

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