Anupama Kylash, PhD

Professor, Department of Kuchipudi Dance

Dr. Anupama Kylash trained in Kuchipudi under Dr. Uma Rama Rao, and is a senior disciple of Padmabhushan Swapnasundari in Vilasini Natyam. She has been actively performing Kuchipudi for over 20 years and Vilasini Natyam for over 12 years. She has authored a book titled Nayikas in Kshetrayya Padams which was published by the prestigious Writers Workshop Kolkata. She has authored a second book titled, The Nayikas of Annamacharya – an Interpretation for Dance based on her doctoral thesis.


Kinesthetic and Psychic component of Indian dance with special reference to Kuchipudi, Contribution of Litterateurs to Kuchipudi, Complexities and Execution of Rhythm, Masters Thesis I, Practice of Kuchipudi Dance as a Solo and Theatre form,
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