Anand Kuchibhotla


Anand Kuchibhotla, President & CEO, is a visionary, inspiring, renowned, and well accomplished individual in the American Indian community. After having several senior management positions in the corporate world of Fortune 500 companies, he turned to become a social entrepreneur. He founded Silicon Andhra in 2001, a non-profit organization with goals to create cultural identity for the next generation youth, mainly living in the USA. Anand intends to create opportunities for next generation youth to understand their roots and contribute for the betterment of the world. He led several initiatives that are having long lasting societal impact for generations to come. He made significant impact in the communities in the USA and India through different socio-cultural and academic activities. Today Silicon Andhra activities span across the continents and its academic footprint has more than 10,000 students. Anand is recognized and honored for his leadership and creativity by several organizations.

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