IL Outcomes

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Institutional Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) describe the abilities, skills and knowledge that students will acquire at the University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA). The five ILO’s below describe the competencies that every student will have after successful completion of her/his education at UofSA.

  1. Knowledge and Critical Inquiry: UofSA graduates will have a strong knowledge base in their academic major. UofSA graduates will engage in critical inquiry to evaluate ideas, beliefs, and values to decipher their meanings and purport.
  2. Cultural Awareness: UofSA graduates will have a thorough awareness of the cultural history and diversity of their academic major and appreciation of the diverse points of view both from emic and etic perspectives.
  3. Applied Learning: UofSA graduates will creatively apply their knowledge, critical inquiry, and cultural awareness to the complexities of contexts and sub-contexts of human culture and conditions.
  4. Communication: UofSA graduates will communicate with clarity and in a precise manner using written, oral, and nonverbal language, and expressing an awareness of the surroundings, the situation, and the audience.
  5. Scholarly Research and Information Literacy: UofSA graduates will be scholar-practitioners in their fields and information literate. They will be able to find, organize, understand, critically examine and use information from various sources using a variety of technologies.