Information & Learning Resources

The University of Silicon Andhra is an online institution. As such it has no physical library onsite.The University of Silicon Andhra has no direct lending library for these courses and programs it instructs.However, the faculty will provide students the list of all required learning resources in the course outlines and the students have to purchase the required workbooks and learning resources at the online stores shown below.

Here is how the process works:

When students enroll for a particular course, they will be given a list of the learning materials and the sources (contact person name, address, contact details and website) where they can procure these materials on their own.

University of Silicon Andhra will have a memorandum of understanding with Karnatic Music Book Centre (KMBC) as our primary learning materials supplier

Each student will be asked to open an account with our primary learning material supplier- Karnatic Music Book Centre (KMBC) on their website (

Students will log into their respective accounts and order the books. If they have any questions they can call the bookstore owners who will fulfill any special order for the students. Also the faculty will be available to guide them for any additional support.

The University will also provide a list of other resources to supply the learning materials and these include the following:

Carnatic Music Program learning material:

KarnaticMusic Book Centre (KMBC):
CBH Publications:
Music Research Papers:
The Music Academy, Chennai:

Kuchipudi Dance Program learning material:

Karnatic Music Book Centre (KMBC):
Amazon Online store:
Google Books:
Cultural Centre of India:

Apart from these resources, the faculty will provide specific course related notes, videos and audio files.In the Maters Program, there are some courses as part of the curriculum that focus on research methodology. Additionally, we source the required books and reference material for the students. The faculty members who have 10+ years of research experience are available as advisors for the Masters Students to guide them with their research work even outside their regular class hours. The UofSA has very skilled and accomplished set of academic advisory council members in the relevant field available to help Masters students with their research work.

All the new students are given technology orientation during the 1st week of the classes.Additionally, there is a team of 3 technology support personnel to help address on going technical issues for students. The classes are delivered using industry leading technology platform called Canvas which is used by several academic institutions across US. This platform is very easy to use and doesn’t require any formal training.

Academic Advising and Access to a Personal Counselor:

UofSA has a set of great academicians who are very accomplished in their respective areas. One of their key responsibilities is to advise Masters students with their research work. This academic advising is provided to all the students during their tenure as students at UofSA. The ratio of students to advisors is less than 10.

Career assistance/advice (not guaranteed placement):

Advisory council members encourage students who are coming out of the institutions to start their own business by starting music or dance learning schools. If they have already running the school, Advisors help them to apply the skills learnt from University in their existing business.They mentor how to market themselves with the newly acquired skills from UofSA